Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pull Up Exercise You Should Do

When I was a child about in elementary school, I always watched my father did "Pull Up" in the morning. "Pull Up" is my father's favorite exercise and I was amazed at my father. My father has a great body but could lift his body with his both hands with ease.

Source : Wikipedia 
There are some variations of "Pull Up" : Standard, Weighted, Behind-the-neck pull-up, One arm, Muscle-up, Supine row, Mixed grip, Kipping, and Butterfly.

Off course, if we do this exercise for the first time, we couldn't lift our body even just once, but practise makes perfect.

"Pull Up" exercise is a bodyweight exercise that is the ideal choice for people who are interested in fitness, but no access to equipment.

You can feel yourselt doing this Pull Up, what are the benefits Pull Up Exercise, especially associated with Shoulders, Elbows, Core.

If you are interested in this Pull Up Exercise, consult with your friend or the expert for the safety.

Well, are you ready to grasp the bar with only one hand while pulling up?
Source : Wikipedia 

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