Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to make biceps and triceps bigger in your own home for beginners

There are many ways to increase self-confidence. This is one way for people who have a thin body. This way I've ever done and the results are incredible.

Credit : Preacher Curl Bench 
I want to increase confidence through my hands, especially the biceps and triceps. You can find out what the biceps and triceps in Wikipedia.

Have a look at Arnold's biceps. Biceps like an egg shape or fruit and dense. What you feel when you have biceps like this. See, your sleeves will feel tight
and of course, having biceps like this then you also will change the way you walk, runs better.

Ok, let's get the focus. Something to be prepared is the smallest Dumbbell. Remember! smallest or lightest Dumbbell. Check Dumbbell Wikipedia.

Now, every morning after waking, get used to warm a few minutes by moving the entire body,
 then start to lift the barbell just 10 to 20 times and then stop.

Credit : Wikipedia 
Take a deep breath and then do it again. Do it 3 set. Like this : 1 set : 10 times. 3 set : 30 times. For beginners, do this for a week and don't add the count or dumbell weight or you will stop doing this because your muscles will feel sore. Be patient, and discipline when you want to achieve your goals. Then after a week, you can add the count.

Remember, success is on your own. If you want to make your biceps and triceps bigger from your home, do this way. Little by little, you will get what you want.

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